Thursday, June 05, 2008

Ontario And Quebec: Capping and Trading

From The Eco Libertarian (by day, Ottawa Citizen writer and editor David Reevely), the full text of the McGuinty/Charest cap-and-trade deal. As Mr Reevely notes, it is a fairly substantive document:

...the commitment to absolute rather than intensity-based targets is significant, and so’s the commitment to link up with other carbon trading systems, which should lead to money finding its way to the most economically efficient emissions cuts, over time.

Reevely has this esp. nice bit on Harper's rather desperate flailing over the issue:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper criticized the plan for not establishing a regulatory mechanism and suggested the new Montreal Climate Exchange will have to fill that void.
They’re going to leave the details to a privately operated market and that’s a problem? Remind me — who are the conservatives, again?

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Doubting Thomas said...

Am I missing something here?

Where is Harper saying that "leaving the details" to the private sector is a problem?

It appears your quoted source misinterpreted the comments. The Montreal Climate Exchange is a private sector solution presented as an alternative to what likely will be a "best intentions but severely flawed" public sector "solution".

This snippet appears simply to be misplaced Harper-bashing.