Wednesday, November 09, 2011

CBC Should Have Had Ezra Levant Tased

 Objectively, he is 1,000, 000 times more unfunny and pointlessly obnoxious than Mary Walsh, and that's saying alot.  In fact, I am willing to let the gov. pass as many oppressive laws as they need to put him in jail for something.  And I think most mainstream Canadians share this view.

But until that day, the Free Market must grind slowly on.  But it grinds fine indeed; within 12 months, I predict, Ezra'll be back grievance mongering from his rich daddy's basement.


b_nichol said...

Actually, Ezra Levant is the very definition of a comic genius: nobody takes him seriously.

Terrence said...

I thought that bit was at least somewhat amusing. Especially when he was tossing the life preserver around. It was kind of surreal.