Friday, November 18, 2011

Hudak Talks 2012 Election With Far Right Extremist

From his letter to FreeD denizen Edward Kennedy:

I thank you for all of your previous support, but I also encourage you to continue working hard so we will be ready to go into an election next year if necessary to restore Ontario as the economic leader in Canada.

Yours truly,

Tim Hudak

Pretty unseemly, I think, to be talking about bringing down the McGuinty gov. less than two months after they've been elected. 

And, though its only a form letter, the "thank you for all of your previous support" suggests that Mr. Hudak knows who Edward George Kennedy is and is still willing to accept his support. 

Here is who Ed Kennedy is.


mauser98 said...
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Brendan said...

BigCityLib, I think you should take out/block mauser98's comment. I looked at the Free Dominion posts you linked to and Edward Kennedy made really racist comments. So I do not think it is acceptable for mauser98 to say "Ed Kennedy talks truth".

bigcitylib said...

Mauser98 is nuts.

mauser98 said...

Brendan, so did Warren Kinsella (catfood)