Monday, November 28, 2011

Gooble Gooble! One Of The LPoC!

So, a couple of weeks ago, after I got invited to LPoC President's meet&greet thingy that's taking place this evening, I finally decided to join up.  If I was going to bitch whine and complain for the next couple of years, I figured I should at least pitch out $20.  So, Gooble Gooble! I'm Bob Rae's problem now.  In the end of course my object is a Senate seat.  Two, actually.  One for me and one for the wife.  Near the aisle, for bathroom breaks.  The plan is we eat for free with our Membership cards in the Senate Cafeteria, and we sleep in our Senate Seats, where it won't attract attention.  I'm tired of working for a living.

Also, I've yet to receive my official LPoC memberships package in the mail, but I hear you get an original $1 from the Adscam cache, and a plastic knife for infighting.  But really...Plastic?  It ain't fratricide if you can't even draw blood!  Hopefully, I can help instill a little of its old spine in the party!

As to the party prez potentials, I promise to write up something serious and coherent about their platforms tomorrow morning.  I haven't decided for myself yet, but in practice my options may be limited.  My wife is a huge Sheila Copps fan, and if I come out in support of anyone else I might wind up sleeping in the car for a month.

And, speaking of my dear wife, I've tried to keep her away from my blogging activities.  For her own protection, mostly  But after 15 years out of politics she's thinking of getting back in.  She's actually better at it than me, because she likes people.  She door-knocked for Hagood Hardy, back in the day, and there's a rumor he even dedicated a composition to her (the one with the nose flute solo).  So you may see the both of us in the future, especially under a Copps regime.

Although I don't know how many of these public be-nicey-nicey type events I can handle.  My advice to anyone who sees me is at one: don't get between me and the finger-foods.  Plus: you want to see me in a suit?  Then die, and I'll come to your funeral in one.  Otherwise its maybe a turtle-neck and a pair of jeans one step up from Walmart.


Anonymous said...
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Steve V said...

I'll get you a block heater for the car, you'll be fine. Besides, it's been so warm and that kind of thing can bring epiphany.

Welcome aboard!

Nancy Leblanc said...

You complete LPC, BCL.

You had me at Gooble Gooble.

sharonapple88 said...

Welcome to the team.