Saturday, November 12, 2011

From The "You Learn Something New Every Day" File

I have always assumed that if you were against fluoride in your local water supply you were basically like this guy: an anti-science nut.  But Brian Schmidt is not a nut; in fact he's an environmental lawyer.  More importantly,  he's on the Santa Clara Valley Water District Board.  So when  points to material that says that the decision to fluoridate is not cut and dried, it's worth paying some attention to.


richard said...

Gee, guess Stephen Harper was right when he said we wouldn't recognize the country when he was through with it - now even Liberals are waffling on fluoridation.

I think that you have over-interpreted what Rabbet said.

Ian Forrester said...

BCL, the post was written by Brian Schmidt who is an environmental lawyer.

bigcitylib said...

The reproduced part was by Schmidt; but Eli (not his real name obviously) is the guy on the water board, and an atmospheric chemist by day.

I've changed my post a bit, because origoanally I thought the rabbit had written Shmidt's stuff as well.

crf said...

It's actually Brian Schmidt on the Santa Clara Valley Water District Board. He was elected to it. I read about it at the time on his old blog, Backseat Driving.

And Brian Schmidt also doesn't know anything more than you about fluoride, despite being elected to the water board. He's not an expert. And Coby's Dad is a bit of a kook (you remember that (infamous) thread at Coby's blog I guess). And there's nothing unusual of otherwise smart people being a bit kooky: it happens.

Take a breather and think about what you are writing. You shouldn't assign more credibility to far-out-of-mainstream theories just because people you happen to like might espouse them, however vaguely. You end up like this. Or this (I won't go on ...)

Why not ask your dentist for references about this instead? He or She might know more about it than people you interact with on the internet.

bigcitylib said...

Ah, Eli has guest bloggers! Now I see.

bigcitylib said...

Whatever Coby's dad's theory is, Schmidt seems to be getting most of his information from the '06 report noted through the link. In any case, the argument he makes is hardly anti-fluoridation.