Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sun TV Interviews Criminals particular convicted hate-monger Gary Harding.  And it turns out to be really boring.  Next Kory Teneycke will be scouring  the prisons for guests to appear on his increasingly unwatched network.  At least they'll work for free.

Richard Warman takes note.


deboaned said...

Thanks for Richard's reminder. It certainly helps when watching Coren's interview of Harding. We need to remember that People like Harding and others convicted of promoting hatred will always blame others for their travails. Here it was I guess the entire judicial system. Also, it simply amazed me at how Harding simply did not tell the truth and Coren either played along or was so poorly researched on the matter he simply didn't know.

Southern Quebec said...

The National Post also uses a convicted felon as a "journalist". His name is Lord Tubby, but he writes under the nom de plume "Conrad Black".