Sunday, November 27, 2011

Why The Ethical Oil Argument Flops With Americans

 I see Minister Kent intends to flog it again at the Durban confence.  Given that, the following comments from Alberta Oil's Darren Campbell are worth noting:

And I don’t think ethical oil arguments are going to convince undecided Americans that Keystone XL and other pipelines designed to ship Alberta crude south must be built at all costs. These people are not interested in comparing one oil-producing nation’s human rights or environmental record with another. For a wealthy country with a democratic tradition like Canada, I think Americans who are undecided on this issue expect more from their northern neighbors than they do from a Third World petrostate like Nigeria.

There's also the small matter of hypocrisy.  Having Burqa clad actors handing out pamphlets in support of Mid-East "conflict oil" rather clashes with the idea that you are trying to free Mid-East women from oppression by turning people onto ethical tar-sands bitumen.  It rather suggests that these women are just pawns in your lobbying campaign.

Apropos of nothing, here's the Sixth Estate's post on how right-wing think tanks get funded in Canada.


Omar said...

The Weston Foundation? Oh, yeah? Well, fuck you Atlantic Superstore and the right-wing think tank you rode in on.

jane smith said...

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