Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Keystone XL Update

As I predicted (note last paragraph through the link), the Nebraska Legislature/TransCanada deal won't move Keystone XL anywhere near far enough to get it off the shallow water tables common in that part of the state. And it will still run across privately owned ranch-land; just not the same privately owned ranch-land as it would have crossed with the route as currently proposed.  From the POV of John Hansen, president of the Nebraska Farmer's Union, who has been fighting TransCanada on behalf of Nebraska ranchers,  "...we've sort of traded one set of landowners for another."  

So in 2013, when it comes time for the Obama administration to give the project a final yeah or nay, it will still be opposed by the Farmer's Union and the other local groups who fought it this time.  And we know Mr. McKibbon's people will still be there.  By no means is this the slam dunk some have portrayed it as.

Meanwhile, I think this piece gives  a good summary of what the Northern Gateway pipeline in B.C. is up against.  Its not just the First Nations and kids with nose rings/green hair that are against it; Rafe Mair is prepared to die.  In fact, a couple of  municipal pols have already lost their jobs in last week's municipal elections for not declaring their opposition.


wilson said...

Could ship bitumen to the West coast by rail:

'...PipelineOnRail promises a solution. Pure bitumen is about as fluid as molasses. But there are two ways to make the stuff flow, Perry says. Using thinner is only one way. “What we do is heat it up. The stuff that comes out of those steam-assisted gravity drainage plants is pretty near 100 degrees Centigrade. They’ve injected that steam into the ground at nearly 1,000 degrees.”

Rail lines are already available from the Fort McMurray airport across North America. “The big market for Canadians is the Pacific Rim, and CN goes to Prince Rupert and Kitimat...'


bigcitylib said...

Maybe Rafe Mair will lay down in front of the train.