Thursday, November 17, 2011

Government Prepares For The Future Of The North

The purpose of this study is to address the issue of the accuracy of visual observations of seabird mortality from a vessel observation platform. The objective is to design and conduct an experiment to determine the number of simulated dead pelagic seabirds that are visually detectable in an open ocean search area in relation to a known number of simulated dead seabirds that have been released in the same area. This experiment will evaluate the ability to detect dead seabirds in a search area, the results of which will aid in the calibration of existing and/or future models or quantitative estimates of seabird mortality resulting from marine oil spills.

There will be dead sea-birds.


Omar said...

Lets axe Arctic ozone monitoring stations and introduce floating seabird mortality observation platforms in their place. Flintstones, meet the Flintstones..

Anonymous said...

There will be lots and lots of dead birds to study for a long, long time, and lots of other dead creatures as well.

By the time the oil and gas companies are through, the Arctic will be turned into a dead, industrial wasteland just like northern Alberta, and the 1% will be even more rich if that's possible.

Gloria said...

The dirty tar sands eco damage, can never be cleaned up, it is permanent.

There are even Norwegians diverting rivers to their tar sands project. It's a free for all up there. No-one has the least respect for the eco systems in the North, what-so-ever.

Athabasca Lake has deformed fish in it. The mighty Athabasca River has, mercury, heavy metals and cancer causing agents in it. Any wild life or humans who use that water, will eventually die. The huge Athabasca watershed is poisoned.

The Caribou are dying. Another flock of ducks died, from landing in the filthy crud. Our beloved Whooping Cranes fly right over the tar sands. We have to pray, they don't decide to land in the grunge too.

The Boreal Forests in the north, are the last ones in North America. There is bitumen underneath them. I sincerely hope someone is guarding them. The greedy s.o.bees, will destroy them too. The Boreal Forest is full of, song bids, big game and thousands of species of wildlife. However, Harper, Alberta, China, and Norway, would not hesitate to destroy the forests. They most certainly don't give a damn about our wildlife.

They don't even give a damn. A First Nations village people are dying from cancer. Even the very rare cancer, of exposure to petroleum.

I think it's only fair, Harper, Obama, P.M. Cameron, Gordon Campbell, Alison Redford and every leader, of every country accepting the dirty oil, should be force fed. They should be forced to eat the deformed fish. The poisoned Caribou, and they need to be force fed water, downstream from the dirty oil sands.

Let us see how long they will live. They certainly don't give a damn about the F.N. People, and the wildlife dying. Let them put their money, where their mouths are. They can put-up or shut-up.