Friday, January 20, 2012

Do Tar Sands Have Libel Lawyers?

 Levant said the oilsands have been “defamed” by a number of organizations...

Ezra, getting them all riled up in Fort Mac.

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sharonapple88 said...

That's what we need in this discussion strategic lawsuits against public participation (SLAPP).

But stumbling into the general discussion, there are a few points that mystify me:

1. Over half the oil in Canada is imported. Some of it from apparently "unethical" sources. Why are we exporting when we're not even meeting our own demands? And if "ethical" sources are so important, why are we importing our own oil from these "unethical sources?"

2. If ethical behaviour is so important -- if we're going to engage on the discussion on this level -- why even consider exporting the stuff to China? Does "ethical oil" stay ethical if we're going to be sending it to a country with well-known human rights abuses?

The mind spins.