Friday, January 13, 2012

Gary Clement On Same Sex Marriage

FWIW, I suspect this is a cock-up on the lawyering front rather than a sneaky way to change the law.  If it was deliberate, you would think, the gov. would have coordinated its response less dismally

Cartoon from here.

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liberal supporter said...

Of course it's a lawyer mess up.
Given that Harpercons are against same sex marriage, why in the world would they do anything to prevent the ending of individual same sex marriages? Would they want the stats to show SSM couples don't divorce as much?

As for not recognizing the same sex marriage because it is not recognized in some other country, should we therefore recognize marriages just because they are recognized in some other country? Such as marriages from countries where polygamy is legal?

There's no downside from the base in fixing this, and plenty of reasonableness points to be gained on what is a non issue to most people.