Friday, January 06, 2012

Gotcha? Connections Between Ethical Oil And The Tory Gov.?

So this  fellow notes on Twitter that the guy doing radio ads for Ethical Oil in support of the Northern Gateway Pipeline sounds suspiciously like the guy that did the anti-Ignatieff ads for the CPoC during the runup to the last election.  And I think he's right.  For example, here's the "just visiting" ad.  And here's another anti-Iggy ad.  And the notion that they are they same guy is not only mine (or the guy on twitters'); I've emailed these clips to a number of people I trust , and the responses range from (with respect to the "just visiting" ad) they're definitely the same guy to that they sound very much like the same guy.

Now, who exactly is doing the voice over is still in question, but what we know for sure is that the "just visiting" ad was done by The Würstlin Group, as you can see here.

Now, the thing is The Würstlin Group has been doing work for the Harper Tories for years.  So this would seem to show that one of the radio voices they have hired on several occasions (whether they are WG employees or not) is also doing work for a supposed grass roots group pimping the Alberta tar-sands in general and the Northern Gateway Pipeline in particular.

Makes you wonder how grass-roots Ethical Oil really is.

Of course what you read here is hardly conclusive.  But maybe it will get some MSM people asking a few questions.

PS. I notice that my links to WG don't take you quite where I want.  Go to "our work", then "Conservative Party".

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Anonymous said...

"Makes you wonder how grass-roots Ethical Oil really is."

That bald spot may be letting too much heat escape your brain if you're entertaining questions like that.
Do you watch Sun News and ask "am I really getting straight talk?