Saturday, January 21, 2012

Would You Like Fries With That, Sir?

The result of a survey of unemployment rates among college graduates:

Nice to see what would happen if they split up "Communications/Journalism" into two catagories.  Writing up press releases for a lobby group isn' t really at all like journalism, but I bet it pays the bills better.  From

PS. Full disclosure: I started off my post secondary education aiming for a philosophy degree.  I aimed to be  a free-lance logician, parachuting onto drilling rigs off the Yukon coast whenever the folks up there needed help reasoning clearly.  When that career path proved non-viable, I switched to English Lit.


Raging Ranter said...

Not sure how much relevance arts programs have in the modern world. Any undergrad arts degree certainly can be had online, like Athabasca University or something similar. It would save billions, and allow funding to be directed to education that actually allows people to do something useful afterwords. It took me more than a decade to accept that my own four year BA in economics was a waste of time and effort, but once I did, I found it strangely liberating.

I do think arts programs are valuable. They just aren't valuable enough to justify having actual bricks & morter schools dedicated to them at the undergrad level anymore. Masters and beyond, sure, but undergrad can be offered entirely online for a fraction of the cost.

bigcitylib said...

Is that the RR that I knew from years ago. I thought you were dead, man.

Steve Bloom said...

Should have picked a location with a larger coastline. :)

Raging Ranter said...

Same Raging Ranter. Same avatar. Blog is dead. I'm not.

I tend to avoid political discussions now and comment on purely economic issues. Like our housing bubble, and the abject stupidity of the extremely loose money policy of central banks everywhere, which is slowly destroying the economic foundations of the western world. Compared to that, everything else seems secondary.

Same rage, different rants I guess you could say. Not sure why I drifted here. :)