Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mr. Gendron Regrets

MONTREAL — Faced with growing outrage over anti-Israel statements that the Jewish community and others regard as antisemitic, TV host Stéphane Gendron made an on-air statement of regret Jan. 27.

One day after the JDL picketed his office and brought a few MSM reporters in their wake.


Maxamillion said...

I'm not sure which came first the chicken or the egg, but one thing is pretty clear, it wasn't until the JDL picketed Gendron did we hear an apology.

I remain on a very different wavelength from the JDL and am disappointed that it is trying to be a grassroots voice of the Jewish community. In fact I believe that most Jews have little if anything in common with the JDL, however seems to me that ever since the demise of the much more activist CJC, the Jewish community lacks a true advocat.

And as long as this vacuum remains it will be filled, and the JDL will continue to try and fill it.

Meir Weinstein said...

Maxamillion, let me be very clear. The JDL is not and never has tried to be "a grassroots voice of the Jewish community." The JDL represents the inner voice in every Jew. The JDL practices NEVER AGAIN.

bigcitylib said...

Shorter Meir:

JDL=The Jewish ID.

Hardy Weinberg said...

I am glad to see the Mayor appologized, his comments were irresponsible to make. Also it is nice the JDL have atleast 1 win following every other thing they protest. Perhaps leaving the CHA at home was to their advantage.

With that being said I still think the JDL are crazies who are an embarassment. I guess a broken clock is right atleast twice a day :)

Meir Weinstein said...

Members from the Liberal Party of Canada should take notice of the latest threat from Zafar Bangash"...if there were an attack on Iran, and obviously the fact that Israel would be involved in it, [the] US would be involved in it, it is quite possible that, you know, members of the Jewish community might be targetted.... We will not want that to happen at all but, you know, you cannot control the emotions of the people.”

The JDL takes notice of his threat.

Maxamillion said...

Meir trust me when I tell you this, "inner voice of every Jew" I don't think so.

Mordechai Maizel said...

What Max said