Thursday, January 05, 2012

John Miller On Sun TV's Freedom Weekend

 The discussion topics for Freedom Weekend-by-the-lake have yet to be decided, but Ezra says "we'll talk about how to strengthen our freedoms here at home, and project freedom abroad to the world." Wow, that sounds like a cattle call for any white, barrel sucking immigrant hater who's too stupid to find out the regular room rate at the Muskoka Marriott is only $199.

Note: Sun TV is charging $1,050 per person, although I suspect that price will come down.

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Peter said...

The basic $199/night charge is just for strengthening freedom at home. As one would expect, you pay a premium for projecting it abroad to the world.

bcl, Sun Media is your beat. Surely you will be there to report all the goings-on first hand. It would be fun to see pics of you frolicking with Mark, Kathy, Arnie, Ezra, Dr. Roy, etc., etc.