Tuesday, January 10, 2012

NDP Defector?

 Ottawa - Liberal Caucus (PLC), relegated to the third party in the Commons by the orange wave that swept the last elections, may well have robbed a member of its rivals, according to The Gazette has learned.

Bob Rae will be there for Coderre's presser, so it must be something important.

PS. Quite ominous for the NDP if this is what happens.  You shouldn't be having your MPs skip-out for a 3rd party after less than a year as official opposition.  Something is not right behind the facade.

 Update:  It's Lise St-Denis.


sharonapple88 said...

Weird that this floor crosser didn't wait until after the leadership race to jump.

Hardy Weinberg said...

Speaking on activities on the hill did you see that Tony Clement got into a twitter argument over spelling with a 15 year old. NDP defecting, Cons picking fights with kids... Looks like it a good day for the libs.