Thursday, September 27, 2012

Another Globe Writer In Dutch

Last week, Leah Maclaren  used a free lance piece in the Globe real estate section to market her own home.  This week, scandal plagued public editor Sylvia Stead will be writing a note  saying that it was all an "unintentional" oversight, even though the Globe was plugging her piece in its front section. Mind you, the fact that Stead is writing this note comes to us via an internal memo by features editor Kevin Siu, so what role Stead had in the decision to recant is debatable.  Her job description does not seem to involve a lot of proactivity.

Update: Siu's  memo can be found here.


Dana said...

The note showed up and then the note vanished. Media watchers in Canada are circling.

Dana said...

Now the note is back but the 33 comments have vanished.