Tuesday, September 25, 2012

CBC Disowns Wente

As those of you in our audience know, Margaret Wente has served as a regular face and voice on our Q media panel for the last three years. In that time she has brought interesting perspectives and arguments to the airwaves and played a role in the panel becoming a popular part of our programming.

Having said this, the job of Q's biweekly media panel is to scrutinize media coverage, tactics, standards, and ethics. Given that mandate, we have regretfully decided to suspend our regular freelance relationship with Ms. Wente on this panel.


I suspect we're seeing a bit of a "blood in the water pile-on" phenomenon.  But the scribbler community obeys its own laws and doles out punishment accordingly.  Who am I to judge?


Jim Parrett said...

What was she doing on the panel in the first place? I have never listened to Q and now I know why. I thought it was just because the host is such an effete prat.

Beijing York said...

OMG she was always useless on that panel but this is more than a slap on the wrist. WTG CBC.