Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Audio From The Video That Got Ezra Levant Censored By Sun TV

...can be found here (warning: it may meet the legal def of hate speech).  Meanwhile, no word about what Fox News North plans to do about The Ez's latest transgression.  Kind of what the way they behaved when he defamed George Soros.  First silence, and then a grovelling apology on Ezra's behalf.  Of course The Ez won't ever admit anything.  So I would implore Marvin Levant, Ezra's dad, who I know reads this blog, to intervene somehow.  Your kid's out of control.  You want him living in the basement again?  Then let things slide.  Otherwise slap him around a bit so he flies right, but not too far right.


Harry Abrams said...

If they took it down, then that's the end of it from most legal points of view, I think. They have removed "the cause of action."
Obviously the matter created ill will and generated bad publicity. Maybe a sponsor or two back out over it as well.

Rotterdam said...

In 1979 I was robbed by a pack of "Roma" children in Paris. The locals had warned me, but my mindset was liberal and ignored the stereotype. This is a true story.

jrkrideau said...

@ Rotterdam
Thousands were robbed by Madorf, the Exon group, etc.

We really should just hang all the bankers and financial advisers. Certainly we should deny an access to Canada to any foreign banker.

Shakespeare made a mistake when he advocated killing all the lawyers.

Mademoiselle Bijou said...

Ugh. What is wrong witness that man. I don't think there is anyone in Canadian media I despise more than that opportunistic, arrogant, hate monger. Even more than Barbara Kay or her spawn. Ha! But seriously, the man is just awful. The Sun is absolutely awful too. Reading the articles and the comments on their website is the most depressing exercise. Something seriously wrong with some people and the last thing they need is encouragement or validation. Ezra Levant and the Sun do just that. They make the bigots feel reasonable and their ugly views acceptable. Way to go, that's exactly what we need.......NOT!