Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sun TV Issues Grovelling Apology To Roma--Ezra Levant Hates On

I am told that Sun TV ran a scrolled apology to the Canadian Roma community last evening during Ezra's show, although I am not seeing it in the vids posted to the network's website.Ezra, it should be noted, has not issued his own apology, which means that a criminal hate speech complaint may still be launched against him.


Fred from BC said...

I see an apology, yes. Where exactly is the so-called 'grovelling'?

Grow up.

Back In Vogue said...

A couple of days ago SNN hired the right wingette Faith Goldy-Bazos as a "reporter". Usually when SNN brings in new blood some old blood bleeds out. I wonder who is going to leave... Ezra? Also, has Krista Erickson entered the Jacqui Delaney dance of death—you know, the 11:00 am slot where SNN personalities go to die.

Hardy Weinberg said...

Speaking of Faith Goldy, walked by her today on my way home from campus. We aren't friends, and most students ignore her politics. I think Goldy will probably replace Erikson, as Erikson has passed the 30 year mark. I am not trying to be sexist, but SNN's formula is hot young women during the day. Old angry men in the evening.

Also about the apology, SNN is trying to save it's own ass. If the hammer comes down for hate speech SNN prob wants to stay out of it while Ezra will rant about how canada has become a communist state trying to silence him.

Gene Rayburn said...

Isnt it sweet that the cantankerous, never having fun Fred from BC has shuffled himself up to tell you to grow up.

A quick google search is revealing. Fred is quite the immature commenter at the best of times. The rest of the time he seems to fall into the crotchety old man role

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