Saturday, September 15, 2012

Walk Your Dog In Front Of Mosque Day A Largely Dogless Failure

Hardy Weinberg, from the comments:

I know I have been trolling their facebook page a tad too much (it is actually quite fun, and Ron mentioned me on one of his interviews as a "known leftist"). 

It appears you and everyone else was right. About 10-20 people showed up, ironically without dogs. No one from the JDL showed up (probably cause the event was promoted on Stormfront). About 50 or so muslims showed up with dogs to counter.

Long story short there are a few discussions on the facebook page discussing how much of a failed event this was, with our friend Ron Banerjee claiming victory.

Oh and beyond Banerjee and Dharminder, it seems their good friend Mark Harding and Eric Brazau also attended. :)

Dharminder is the other half of Canadian Hindu Advocacy; if Ron is the "leader", he is presumably  "the membership".  Mark Harding is this guy.  Eric Brazau is apparently this fellow.  Doesn't sound like there was any media coverage, and in any event Ron is already planning his next act of idiocy.


Hardy Weinberg said...

Thanks for sharing BCL. regarding media, there is an article in the Toronto Sun

And david menzies was there for sun tv and there were folks from cfrb1010, not sure if those two sources will cover this event.

Imad said...

Thanks for that Hardy.