Sunday, March 09, 2014

A Brief Note: The Dogs Of Bayview Village

Spent the afternoon  wandering around Bayview Village while the wife shopped for useless female gewgaws. The place was filled with richy-rich assholes and their fancy dogs.  Apparently, management lets them into the mall (the dogs) if you can produce two pieces of ID: documentation showing they're a pure-bred and a pay-stub that demonstrates you make at least six figures a year.

True fact: many of the dogs were dressed better than I was.


Lars said...

God, things sure change. I used to cut across the lot where BV stands now on my way to school.

deb said...

lol, dogs in the mall, 6 figures...that means the dogs are probably smallish, annoying and have their own purses.
well it could be worse, it could be cats.

Rotterdam said...

I find it refreshing that a mall allows dogs. Too bad you hate them as well as their owners.