Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Olivia Chow For Mayor

That's a little premature, because I haven't decided 100% yet.  But I can't see who else it could be. Soknaki's stance on the LRT vs. Subway debate is refreshing, and his ad campaign clever, but he has all the charisma of a pair of used gym socks.  Stintz is an evil witch whose policy reversal on that same file cost this town $100 million, and all so she could buy a few votes out here  in Scarborough.  I wouldn't pee on her if her heart was on fire.   John Tory so far comes across as a rich, slightly dotty old fart...the GOP candidate from 1980 something.  And Rob Ford of course is a crackhead who must be stopped.  Thus we arrive at Olivia.   As for policy, I hope she puts forward something concrete on transit.  In particular, I hope she takes up Soknacki's anti-Scarborough-subway stance because, as I've said previously, I think that will prove surprisingly popular now that the price of the Ford/Stintz line has become apparent.  And lets just say it again: the Scarborough subway will be an absolute boondoggle--during off-peak hours, it will be empty cars stopping at a scrap yard and recycling plant before they deliver nobody to Scarborough Town Centert.  I've heard rumors to the effect that Olivia will stress greater federal involvement on this file.  Which is fine, but a little like praying to the corn gods.  They are fickle, and prone to not appearing when you need them most.  So she needs to talk concrete doables.  And finally, for people who are in general tired of arguing transit issues, well it's the biggest chunk of change in the municipal budget.  If you want to be progressive in T.O, you do it by expanding the TTC.  No other policy proposal amounts to a hill of beans in comparison.  So there you have it.  Olivia, probably, or perhaps Norm Gardner.  He called me up and gave me shit once once back in the 1990s (long story), so I still have fond memories. 


Skinny Dipper said...

While Olivia Chow could be a very good candidate, her weakness will be if she becomes too dependent on provincial and federal funding for her promises. I will agree with you, BCLSB, that she needs to focus on the promises that are do-able. Otherwise, she will be clobbered by the other candidates for not being able to deliver on her promises without provincial or federal support.

deb said...

I hope she doesnt develop a crack problem in the next few months. But if that does happen, she still would have my she wont be such a messy names of hizzhonour/

Rotterdam said...

Not a lot of civility describing Karen Stintz (evil witch)and John Tory(dotty old fart).