Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The First T.O. Mayor's Debate: The Definitive Analysis

I didn't watch it; I was crawling East on the 401 the whole time, listening to a rock station out of...Hamilton...I think.  They played "All Apologies" by Nirvana, and then "Hot Child In The City" By Nick Gilder.  For a moment I was in heaven.

In any case, I didn't watch it and either did anyone else.  Except maybe some of my readers.  But if you did you don't have to tell people.  In fact you probably shouldn't.  They'll  think you're a loser with no life.

In any case, looking at twitter afterwards I'd say that nobody who watched it changed their mind, so what was the fucking point? Kill brain cells for 2 hours?  And there's only, what, six months of this? Root Canal is less painful, and its over same day.  By September, I predict a wave of suicides from T.O. political junkies.

Me, I'm just gonna watch old UFC fights on youtube.

Bottom line is the odds still favor Olivia Chow, with Doug Ford a strong possibility and everybody else a joke.  Speaking of which, Olivia apparently let off a good one:

So there you have it.  The definitive analysis.


deb said...

stellar analysis, and yes why watch, save it for the last few minutes of this game. Say the day of the election announce that the real losers of the election will be the Torontonians if that clown ROFO gets in again.
if Rob does get in...theres a good chance the rest of canada will divorce Toronto and declare it a city state with its own diverse and distinct culture:)

Polyorchnid Octopunch said...

I bet it was the station out of Cobourg... 107.9 The Breeze. Have had some trips to hell er and they do that kind of juxtaposition all the time. Wish their signal made it all the way to Kingston.

bigcitylib said...

Think that's it; harder to pick up further East you go.