Thursday, March 13, 2014

Olivia Chow On Scarborough LRT Vs. Subway

I am happy now.

And here's what a Leger poll back in February revealed about this issue:

An independent survey conducted by Leger found that 61 per cent of voters preferred a seven-stop LRT line over a three-stop subway extension that would lead to a $1-billion tax increase over 30 years. Thirty-nine per cent of those polled preferred a subway.


The Leger survey found that voters in Scarborough prefer an LRT over a subway for their own part of the city by 56 per cent to 44 per cent.

This latter figure has changed over the past year or two.  That's because, I think, Scarberians thought they were getting their subway for free.  Now it turns out we have to pay more in property taxes for transit most of us will never use.  Scaroborough is a big place.  That subway would serve just a tiny little sliver of it.

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Professor P. said...

So true. The subway is the wrong answer. I'm happy that Chow has stated what most of us know.