Tuesday, March 25, 2014

John Tory On The Island Airport: I Choose "Maybe"!

The report, which was issued by city staff and set to be debated today, contains dozens of unanswered issues which need to be dealt with. Until there are answers to those questions, a fact based decision on the future of the airport will not be possible.  Mayor Ford and NDP candidate Chow will fall back to their ideological positions of "yes" or "no." But the the fact is council cannot proceed with a decision until the critical questions highlighted in the report are answered. 

Which kind of boils down to "No, for the time-being" or perhaps "This is a can that needs kicking down the road!"  Which is fine by me.  I actually have very little in the way of an opinion on the island airport.  And presumably this statement is of a piece with Tory's promise to move Toronto not left, not right, but somewhere.  Not sure how effective it all is as a rallying cry, however: "John Tory--Proudly Waffling!"

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