Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Few More Notes on 1st Toronto Mayoral Debate

Rob Ford cradles imaginary crack pipe, and sweats:
This is not John Tory's real hair:
Too sleek.  Too ample.  Too beautiful.  Rumour is he borrowed a lock of Justin's for the occasion--which will keep growing for weeks if properly watered--and glued it down over what's left of the original.  I have no evidence of this rumour, but intend to spread  it through the blogosphere.

UPDATE:  OMG!  OMG!!  OMG!!!  That's NOT John Tory, its moderator Gord Martineau, who looks astonishingly like a young John Tory with terrific hair.  My bad.  Obviously the above no longer applies.  My apologies to both John and Gord.  And especially my apologies to Mr. Martineau's hair, which I have absolutely no reason to think is not 100% natural.


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But...that's not John Tory.

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