Sunday, March 30, 2014

Joseph Howe Institute Update: Its Ezra All The Way Down

To update this post, here's Ezra announcing the creation of the Joseph Howe Institute at the Canadian University Press NASH76:
Pretty ambitious sounding, but looks so far its just him an his trusty web-master, Amanda Achtman:
Although the kind of ambitions Ezra has are not matched by his financial resources, unless some larger entity is kicking in some money.  Worth keeping an eye on.


RuralRoots said...

...King's College University in Halifax conducts an annual Joseph Howe Symposium ( more than 10 years now) associated with their school of journalism---I wonder if they would be concerned about the use of this name ??

Terrence said...

It's made with Wordpress, just like all the shittiest websites.

MgS said...

Somehow, the thought of Ezra Levant styling himself a "journalist" of any sort is somewhat offensive.