Saturday, May 10, 2014

UK Climate Change Deniers Forced To Clean Up Act?

The GWPF  are an organized group of  AGW denialists based in the UK.  They are fronted by the notorious Benny Peiser,  and are known more widely  for the fact that one of their money men  and spokespeople is Nigel Lawson, dad to the sweet and buxom Nigella.

Earlier this year they were called out, by Bob Ward among others, for being a lobby group and not, as they have always claimed, "an educational charity", as this term is defined by British law.

Earlier this week they basically admitted this charge to be true, and  offered to rejig their website so that a part of it would be separated off and proffer the straight-up lies you are allowed to peddle as a lobby group. The other portion, would, presumably, offer misinformation that didn't quite make the straight-up lie standard.



Nigella pales in comparison to Lawson's daughter - Viscount Monckton's sister Rosa.

Susan Anderson said...

Russell, that sounds quite Oedipal.*

It would indeed be lovely if there were any conscience, let alone payback or restriction, on politics masked as charity, and lies masked as truth. Otherwise you might indeed imply that we are living the endgame of some tragedy about hubris.

*"His daughter was his sister
and his son was his brother"

Alastair said...


I think you meant Lawson's daughter-in-law.

Here's the pale Nigella