Saturday, March 07, 2009

Bring back the Common Sense Revolution, Tim!!!!!

My favorite comment from the Draft Tim Hudak for leader of the Ontario PC Party Facebook page.

I hope Tim decides to run on it.

(Meanwhile, the Draft Randy Hillier faction has its own facebook site up and running!!!)

PS. They're's already a Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario leadership election, 2009 wiki page up. Below is the list of possible candidates:

Ted Arnott, 45, has been an MPP since 1990, currently represents Wellington—Halton Hills. Considered to be on the "progressive" wing of the party.[3]
Tony Clement, 48, was an MPP from 1995 to 2003 serving as Minister of Health under Mike Harris and Ernie Eves. He is currently a Conservative MP in the House of Commons and serves as Minister of Industry.[4]
Dean Del Mastro, 38, is a social conservative and sits in the Canadian House of Commons as MP for Peterborough. He was first elected in 2006.[5]
Christine Elliott, 53, is the current MPP for Whitby—Ajax first winning the seat in a 2006 by-election and wife of Jim Flaherty.[6]
Randy Hillier, 50, is a rural activist and founder of the Ontario Landowners Association. He was first elected MPP for Lanark—Frontenac—Lennox and Addington in the 2007 Ontario general election.[7]
Tim Hudak, 41, is the current MPP for Niagara West—Glanbrook and has sat in the provincial legislature since 1995. [8][9]
Frank Klees, 58, is the former Chief Government Whip in the Harris government, and Minister of Tourism and of Transportation in the Eves government. He came in third place in the 2004 leadership election.[10][11]
Lisa MacLeod, 34, is the MPP for Nepean—Carleton and was first elected in a 2006 by-election.[12]
Norm Miller, 53, is the MPP for Parry Sound-Muskoka and the son of former Premier Frank Miller. He was first elected in 2001.[13]
Jerry Ouellette, 50, is the MPP for Oshawa. He was first elected in 1995 and supported Ernie Eves in the 2002 leadership election and Frank Klees in 2004.[14]
Peter Shurman, 62, is a former broadcaster. He has been MPP for Thornhill since 2007.[15]
Elizabeth Witmer, 62, has been a Waterloo, Ontario Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) since 1990. She served as Minister of Health and then Minister of the Environment under Mike Harris, and Minister of Education and Deputy Premier under Ernie Eves. Witmer was a candidate in the 2002 race that selected Eves. She had considered running in the 2004 race, but decided to endorse John Tory instead. She is considered to be on the "progressive" wing of the party.[16]
John Yakabuski is the current MPP for Renfrew—Nipissing—Pembroke; first elected in 2003.[17]


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Actually, you'd be surprised how many conservative voters in Ontario would love to see a common sense revival.

bigcitylib said...

You'd be surprised how few others would be up for that.

Sir Francis said...'d be surprised how many conservative voters in Ontario would love to see a common sense revival. ...

...only if the number ended up being higher than fifteen.

I would love to see Hudak or one of his nose-boned colleagues try to run on a "fiscal discipline" theme while watching Flaherty and his other federal cousins use tax dollars for asswipe.

Reality Bites said...

Joanne, it can't be a revival when it never happened in the first place.

Harris was a liar, plain and simple. The man should be in prison for what he did to the province - and Flaherty along with him.

Hey, at least this time Flaherty admits to running a deficit instead of just lying about it like the last time.