Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shaidle Loses Sponser, Moves To New Location

The place is the London City Music Theatre, and it is now being sponsored by some combination of the Forest City Institute, a low-rent version of the Fraser Institute, and the Friends of Canadian Coalition for Democracy, which is Salim Mansur's gang (he too will be speaking at the event).

As this fellow indicates, and contra FiveFoot, the venue is a good deal smaller than the original (Jewish Community Centre).


Mitka said...

As Professor Richard Moon so aptly stated when he addressed the Ontario Leg about Ezra Levant (and I would argue his coterie) "He makes thinks up".

They no longer have any credibility. Salim Mansur has to sponsor himself along with some no-name think tank. Im sure the low-lifes, knuckle-draggers and basement blog-dwellers from the fringe right near London and beyond will put on their Sunday best (stained t-shirts et al) and head off for a night out.

Amidst the usual namecalling,caterwalling, guffawing at Warman, Farber and Kinsella, laff out loud revelry and shared insider jokes about the CHRC a good time will be had by all.

Their hearts must be beating a million miles a minute in great anticipation of kissing the sweaty toes of their beloved Lerant. All heil lerant, "the mouth that walks like a man"

Congrats to the London Jewish Centre (I have been to a pro-Israel rally there where close to 1000 attended)for having the good sense to pull out of this poison patch.

Ti-Guy said...

They stuck her way out east of Adelaide on the Western Fair Grounds? Oh well...she'll fit right in with the livestock.

The day someone hosts a seminar entitled "The Value of Hate and Hate Speech in Public Discourse" and invites her to share her views is the day I'll pay attention. That's the only topic on which honesty and candour from her can reasonably be expected and would allow the introduction of the evidence of her personal hatefulness (ie. the entirety of her post-sobriety oeuvre) as relevant material. Another seminar I can think of would be "Making a Career out of Anger and Mediocrity" but I digress...

Getting the stoat to address the Law is about as useful as getting an unrepentant fornicator to talk about the virtues of Catholicism.

Anonymous said...

I also cannot help but notice how quiet the other side has become. No comment that BCL was right all along about the London Jewish Federation cancelling Ms. Shaidle.

Mike said...

Like Ti-Guy said, EOA (East of Adelaide for those who have not lived in or grew up near London) is a perfect location for her. Home of the poor, ignorant and racist rabble.

Balbulican said...

Meanwhile she's shilling for some nasty looking group Christian militants in Russel Ont, and her hubby has just been outed as Blazing Cat Fur.

Shall we all pop over and visit this weekend? Bring Kraft Dinner and chips?

Somena Woman said...

Arnie is BCF???