Monday, March 16, 2009

I Find It Hard To Imagine How This Would Work

Independent Candidates Canada

To promote, encourage and draw attention to the importance of Independent Candidates in the political process. Independent candidates are the only hope to bring democratic accountability to the grass roots level of Canada.Party Candidates bring no democratic accountability. They are required to do what the Party tells them and are NOT responsive to or concerned with the local issues. Their allegiance is to their party and NOT to the people who elected them.

A party consisting of candidates who refuse to tow the party line? Some guy named "JOE BONNEVIE" is behind it. Weirdest line from the Facebook page:

Visit us at:
to learn how you can become one of them!


Ti-Guy said...

No hope in that. With a media-stunned populace that will vote for whoever's in their faces the most, politics in Canada will still be run by Party machines for quite some time.

Off-topic: I notice Kady O'Malley picked up on the story about the OPCCA's black ops (mwuhaha!) campaign that first came to light at wikileaks. I'd go over and comment, but I've been banned so thoroughly from Macleans that even my great-grandchildren won't be allowed to comment.

But it's worth digging through the crap and listening to the recordings, especially. The contempt these people have for the average person is astonishing.

bigcitylib said...

Yeah, I've glanced at that stuff but don't really have time to write up anything worthwhile over the next couple of days. Kudos to Devin Maxwell, who found out about this several days ago.

Ti-Guy said...

Good for him. I hope a few others crank up the volume on this, only because it's the same names that are cropping up again (Aaron Lee Wudrick for one). Don't these people ever leave university?

The CONS, of course, will try to pass this off as plain old activism and "community organisation" but the content of the material at wikileaks reveals the extent of astroturfing and deception that is fundamental to this campaign. I particular loved a bit in one of the recordings (something about referendums) where one of the Conservaboys asserts that "it's amazing what people will sign when you put it in front of them."

Mark said...

Viewed another way, I guess these folks represent the antithesis to the proportional representation movement in Canada.