Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tory Bigwig Blames Tory Bloggers For 2007 Ontario Tory Election Defeat

All heck has broken loose in the Ontario Conservative Leadership race! Their grass-roots have staged a cyber rebellion at the notion of a June race because, it is argued, this early date tilts the playing field too much towards front runner Tim Hudak.

Well, PCPO exec M. Wensley has struck back against this on-line effrontery!!! A sample from a much longer rant:

Now, if you think that sitting on the couch by yourself and posting drivel on the internet is really helpful to the cause of electing a PC government in 2011, I can tell you right now that you are the reason that we did not win in '07.

Go Mr. Wensley, helping the Ontario Conservatives not win in 2011 by, you got it, posting drivel on the Internet.



Ti-Guy said...

Did you hear about an OPC staffer being fired after an attempt to hack the OLP web site triggered a police investigation?

bigcitylib said...

Yeah. Wonder if they're a Blogging Tory?

Hugh MacIntyre said...

no Blogging Tory works for caucus no it's not them.


it's PCPO not OPC.

Andy Lehrer said...

Hm, I thought the Tories lost because of their bone-headed idea to fund religious schools.

Ti-Guy said...

no Blogging Tory works for caucus no it's not them.

How can you possibly know this?

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

Those of us who wanted a Tory win were fighting on two fronts - the drivel from the Anti-John Tory conservative crowd and the drivel from the PC campaign team.

I think it could be argued it was a complete and utter drivelrama.


WV = dysent, "dysfunctional dissent". Way cool.

Ti-Guy said...

Speaking of Tory spivs, the ponce has a new one out. No doubt due to wanton bibulousness, he's staggered away from the HRC's and has succumbed to relentless and explosive diarrhea, mistaking Canada for a toilet, yet again.