Tuesday, March 10, 2009

FreeD Fundraising Stalls Out

On March 1 they asked for $3,000 for their anti-Warman legal defense fund. 10 days later, and there is still $1,650 to go.

Interestingly enough, its the 2nd time this year that the FreeD gang appears to have come up short. This drive back in January netted them about $1,000 less than they were hoping for.

What's behind the lousy numbers? These people used to be able to raise $3,000 in a day. Donor fatigue, the recession? A sense of throwing good money after bad?

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Mark Richard Francis said...

$3k is enough to pay a law firm to file a simple boiler plate defense. I once had a simple letter drawn up that cost nearly $1k.

Looks bad for them.