Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Case For CAF

Karygiannis, whose Toronto riding is served by the federation's settlement program, said funding for groups should be decided by civil servants based on the group's performance -- not on the basis of partisan politics.

The situation here reminds me of that surrounding C-10 (the series of amendments regarding fiscal incentives applicable to Canadian films): the minister responsible is trying to do an end-run around a series of bureaucratic rules and, if this is acceptable, why have rules in the first place?

Mind you, as I've mentioned before, CAF president Khaled Mouammar is using his position to advance a personal agenda clearly contra to CAFs mandate. He really should be looking for other employment opportunities.

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Jason Cherniak said...

I wonder whether Jimmy K thinks the CAF is helping these new Canadians when they try to indocrinate them with hatred. Just because a group does some good, you don't forgive them for the bad.