Saturday, March 07, 2009

Levant and Shaidle Redacted?

I have been told, but have been unable to confirm, that the event I noted here, with Ezra Levant and Kathy Shaidle addressing the London Jewish Federation on Monday, April 13th, "is no longer on".

Don't know if the literally several emails my readers and I sent had anything to do with this alleged decision. If so: Booyah!!! Booyah!!!

But again, this has not been confirmed. Yo!!! Ezra!!! Lard-Ass!!! I hear you've been bounced!!! True, or no?


RuralSandi said...

It's Easter weekend and Passover and April 13th is Easter Monday. Maybe that has something to do with it.

Robert McClelland said...

Outstanding work, BCL. This Londoner doesn't want that malignant tumour coming within 50 miles of his city.

Mitka said...

When I called I was told I would have to speak with Esther somebody. Never was able to reach her but there is still nothing on their website. I wonder if this was ever really planned in the first place. We only had Ezra and Shaidle's word for it and we know what that is worth.

Mitka said...

Petty??!! Now there's a want to talk "petty"????...your pals BCF and 5 feet of SH-T, refer to Muslims as "retarded" and you have the audacity to speak about petty? Take a hike

Anonymous said...

Yes, you oviously have the monopoly on time well spent.

Jay Currie said...

Gee, BCL, looks like the event was not cancelled:

"This morning, I received the following email from one of the organizers of the London event:

The event has not been cancelled. Due to the huge response we are looking at a larger venue.

Nice going, BigCityLib. If anything, the smear campaigns against me has just:

* added interest to a bunch of decidedly UNcancelled TV appearances and public speaking engagements

* increased my blog hits about 25% over the last couple of weeks

* brought me in a bunch of sympathy donations from generous, principled folks of various poltical backgrounds (not to mention various races, btw)

* made you look like the unadulterated, twisted, impotently obsessed and highly envious jackass you are! five feet of fury

Meanwhile the Jackal was roasted on the floor of the House of Commons today - that actually happened. And, so far, none of the genius commentators here has had the grace to recognize that the emails cited are real. And, to top it off, none of you have had the guts to call the Jackal and find out if he was, in fact, asked to leave his position at the CJC.

cyirush said...

Hey, BCL, while you're at it, I hear that Steyn falsified a quote from the little green book of . . .
Never mind, we've been down this road before. And the last time, you made an ass of yourself too.

bigcitylib said...


Shaidle's anonymous event organizer has said they've moved from the community center, which suggests to me LJF is no longer sponsering.

Also, who is the anonymous organizer? I'm betting the Ez himself, promising to scrape up another venue.

Mitka said...

The term "retarded" has a meaning that you are more tahn aware of. Its use by BCF and Shaidle, given their racist history is anything but benign.

Secondly, no one is saying boo at the London Jewish Centre though I did get one person to admit that the centre is no longer involved, whatever that means. I conclude that once they saw who they invited, they vomited and found a way out.

Unknown said...

Moron, can't you people read?

They had to find a bigger venue because the response was so great. Thanks for the free publicity.

That's why the "London Jewish Center" is no longer involved.

PS: the "mystery" organizer's name and email has been up at Ezra's for nine days now.

You must know who she is because _by your own admission_ you have been emailing her to complain about me.


Thanks for the free publicity. After my takedown of you on my blog today they're getting even more people who want to go.

And by the way: when I say "retarded," I just mean it like "gay"...

BallBounces said...

So, you're saying that Friday the 13th falls on a Monday in April?

How weird is that?!

Ti-Guy said...

After my takedown of you on my blog today they're getting even more people who want to go.

Notice the stoat managed to weave in the word "impotence."

I don't think she ever looks at man without wondering about his sexual prowess. It's endearing, in a "reformed slut" kind of way.