Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shaidle On Wiki

Controversial again, the way it should be! A special thank you goes out to Mark Steyn. None of this could have happened if you hadn't fanned the flames (o' controversy)...suckah!!!


Ti-Guy said...

I hadn't known the Stain was involved. Doesn't the petulant ponce have better things to do?

"I'm not "afraid to confront someone directly" if you're proposing hand-to-hand combat on an abandoned bit of scrub after dark. However, if you're proposing to interview me for an hour, use a 25-word quote, and then fill up the rest of the piece with reactions from Catsmeat, Bernie, your bicycle boy Warmfront, Head Sock Khurrum Awan, ovine fornication specialist Professor John Miller, etc, perhaps you could explain what's in it for me."

Oh, I guess not.

philosoraptor said...

Wait a minute...Mark Steyn will agree to a fist fight? How do I sign up for that?!?

Ti-Guy said...

Now, now. No one should want to beat up Mark Stain. We shouldn't even hope he dies soon while choking on the swollen member of one of his patrons.

That would be uncharitable.