Friday, March 13, 2009

Your Daily Nazi: Dear Mr. Perlmutter, Note The Nazi In The Back Row

Alan Perlmutter is a London-area Jewish activist, and one of the organizers of the Levant/Mansur/Kathy Shaidle event to take place on Monday, April 13th.

He has also noted, of Shaidle's "controversial statements", that

"If they are true, I will have nothing to do with her."

Well, I think their truth has been well established, but Mr. Perlmutter might wish to ask himself: if they weren't true, would Tomasz Winnicki be offering her an unsolicited endorsement

And therefore you may, Mr. Perlmutter, look out over your audience on Monday April 13th, and you may see a bunch of baldy-assed bastards in the back of the auditorium. And, if so, you will forever be asking yourself "Holy shit! Did I just serve as enabler to a bunch of goddamn white supremacists???"

Think about it.

h/t Mr. Smith at ARC.


Reality Bites said...

I question the use of the term "Jewish Activist."

As we see here,

Perlmutter has long been joined at the hip with Salim Mansur, which makes it more likely that an apt description of Perlmutter would be "extreme right-wing activist noted for his hatred everyone he Nazis find icky, with the singular exception of Jews since he happens to be one."

People DON'T invite human garbage like Ezra Levant and Kathy Shaidle anywhere without being fully aware of the kind of overt hate-mongering they revel in. Because that's ALL they're about. Come on! Claiming you invited them to speak and didn't know their views is like inviting Wayne Gretsky to speak and expressing shock to discover he's had some involvement in professional hockey.

Mitka said...

Just for the record...and I dont mean to go too off topic, but i copied this response I found on a site run by one of the knuckledraggers known as Scaramouche. I found it as a result of a link provided by BCF. Its an attack on Bernie Farber of the Jewish Congress. You should know that BCF immediatly removed it.

I guess she doesnt like words like "shit" but seems to me that her pal 5 feet has used much worse...ahh well
"Your [scaramouche] blog is a joke. If it werent for people like Farber, the Sid Ryans and Khalid Mouammar's of the world would get a free ride. Your post is read by those with whom you share bathwater. No one gives a shit but you and your cave-dweller friends. Meanwhile people like Bernie Farber and Frank Dimant are out there every day takling care of business.

So keep on keeping on...the only ones who give a shit are you and your kind ...boils on the ass of society