Saturday, March 14, 2009

Shorter Ezra: Curses, SODOMIZED AGAIN!

Or at least that's what he WILL say when he discovers that Alberta Tory caucus discussion of possible changes to Section 3 of the Alberta human rights code (the provincial analogue of the CHRA's Section 13) has been deferred.

His conservative magazine flopped in the nation's most conservative province; his anti-human-rights crusade appears similarly destined.


Ti-Guy said...

These Herald hacks and other winguts are always reporting how much all of his has cost poor old, sad old, crazy old Ezra. How come they never report how much he's collected?

Word verification: "pertest." As in "Ezra's man-breasts are the..."

Somena Woman said...

"How come they never report how much he's collected?"

Because Ezra's cleverly not disclosing. Either it's too little which is embarrassing, or it's so much at this point that he'd look ridiculous by continuing to bleg.

WV=NO KIDDING "earnning"

Mike said...

Seems to me Ezra like being Sodomized in this fashion...