Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Torys Gone SoCon?

...in an attempt to change the channel on a souring economy? In Alberta:

Harry [Chase, Calgary Liberal MP] throws out a couple questions and, when Dave Hancock, the supremo of schools and one of the more liberal members in Torydom, tip-toes the party line, the Liberal dusts off an 80-year-old trial in Tennessee on the banning of the teaching of evolution in schools.

"The last time I checked my calendar this was 2009 Alberta not 1929 Tennessee," stings Harry.
Hancock decides if it's 1929 Tennessee Harry wants, it's 1929 Tennessee Harry gets.

"What's not optional in this province is parents have the right to raise their children," bellows Hancock, to the rocking applause of the Tories.

Hancock goes on about "moral values" and you know something is cooking behind closed doors.

And Federally:

Canada's science minister, the man at the centre of the controversy over federal funding cuts to researchers, won't say if he believes in evolution

Politics is all about sending messages, and these messages are directed at the Tory political base. Means someone think it needs shoring up. Also means that, both federally and provincially, the governing Tories have decided to play defense, because the same signals that turn on the base turn off everyone else (ask John Tory about that).


MgS said...

What do you mean "gone SoCon"? The Alberta breed has long been SoCon. So the half-baked bigotry that is currently being fostered in Edmonton comes as no surprise at all.

crf said...

He's a Chiroprator, a member of a profession that explicitly places dogma above scientific evidence, and is rabid in its defence of doing so.

So what would you expect? He's a clueless under-educated goofball, gravitating to a party that accepts his stunted educational and emotional growth. Much like many of his fellow conservative MPs (and some Libs too.)