Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shaidle In London: Are We Controversial Yet?

London Free Press has the latest on the Kathy Shaidle saga here:

Her scheduled appearance in London has started a similar battle in the blogosphere. Many of the blogs state the event is organized by the London Jewish Federation.

The federation's executive director, Esther Marcus, said yesterday she was asked by organizers of the event to book the Jewish Community Centre.

That was the extent of her involvement and, in any case, the organizers are now looking at another location, Marcus said. The federation is not a sponsor of the event, she said.

The piece also notes that, Alan Perlmutter, one of the event's organizers, is having second thoughts.

The most important thing to come from this relates to how a figure gets labelled "controversial" in wikipedia. Details as to how it would work in Shaidle's case can be found here, but the upshot appears to be, if I understand correctly, that a MSM piece (like the one above) quoting her more "outrageous" statements should make it easier for a catalog of such statements to appear as part of her main wiki entry. Thus anyone considering booking Shaidle for a speaking event/tv appearance will find them in the course of doing their due diligence research.


Mitka said...
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Mitka said...

So let me understand this...Shaidle and Levant first claim that the London Jewish Federation is sponsoring this talk. In fact, they insisted that you lied about the Federation NOT sponsoring the vent. Then BCF came into it trying to embarrass you with assertions that the London Jewish Federation was indeed sponsoring Shaidle and Levant.

I am shocked, shocked I tell you to find out this morning that the London Jewish Federation is in fact not sponsoring these two.

In fact even the real sponsor is quite rightly having second thoughts:

"The controversy has the organizer of the event promising to look further into Shaidle's comments.

"If they are true, I will have nothing to do with her," said Alan Perlmutter, a Jewish activist in London."

Check and mate.

Dr.Dawg said...

And this kibitzer cheering on the sidelines.

Anonymous said...

I must say BCL, you are very understated with this post.

Mitka's review is quite correct. Basically Shaidle and Levant (again as Dr. Richard Moon noted of Levant) "made things up". They are not being sponsored by the London Jewish Federation. There is no mention in this article that as Shaidle claimed, it was being moved from the LJF because it got too large. And actually I am not even sure that the LJF ever was a sponsor. Doesn't seem that way from this article.

It just seems to me that these people "make things up" all the time. They clearly have no credibility in the mainstream and the MSM totally ignore them because they cannot trust people who constantly "make things up".

bigcitylib said...


had to crank it out fairly quickly before I went to work this morning.

The thing too for me is not that Shaidle bullshitted, which doesn't surprise me, but the wiki angle. Wiki is like your online CV and if you've got those comments on the front page of it you'll never do TVO again. Its like a stinky dead fish hanging around your neck forever.

Hopefully, this one story is enough for that to happen (I've emailed a couple of people I think edit wiki).

If you don't believe, remember the effort Shaidle's cronies/sock-puppets have expended scrubbing her entry (including, apparently, bogus legal threats).

Anonymous said...

I understand BCL, either way it seems the gloves are now off check out Kinsella here

Mitka said...

They are completely losing it. Here

Shaidle is positively apoplectic. If anything can describe how vile this woman's beliefs are, she damn's herself by her own words. It’s getting pathetic.

Ti-Guy said...

Yeah, she's in full squeak:

I insult every race and religion at this blog. I have done for nine years now. I let a guest writer take a stab at the Irish last month. I've called the Amish "useless." I've called on the Luftwaffe to resume bombing England because the place has become a disgraceful dump. And then there's my regular feature: "The Japanese: nuked too often or not enough?"

Heh. Do the Jews, next Kathy!

Mitka said...

She is a total loony. She is going after Farber full-throat throttle. Farber must be quaking in his boots.

Ti-Guy said...

I just love how these dullards share the "clever" nicknames they come up for their adversaries: "Burnie," "the lying jackal," "Czarina Hall," etc. etc.

A few times is cute. With them, it's obsessive compulsive disorder.

Somena Woman said...
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Somena Woman said...

"Heh. Do the Jews, next Cathy!"

I recall this post by "5 feet of impacted bowel"...

"Seinfeld was actually criticized regularly for being "anti-Semitic" -- or, more precisely, for "making Jews look bad"/being "bad for the Jews". (I just finished editing a book on this subject, as a matter of fact.) I could never sit through a single episode, the characters were so unattractive (although Jerry and co. were cuddly Disney characters compared to the creeps on Curb Your Enthusiasm.) "


This woman has so much depth... She can't stand Seinfeld because the characters were so "ugly"

*stage whisper* -- It must be a special kind of hell for her in that case to have to look in the mirror every day.. *shudder*