Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shaidle Watch: What's Up In London

Five Foot insists that her speaking engagement in London on April 13th is still on. One of the London event organizers has apparently told her that

The event has not been cancelled. Due to the huge response we are looking at a larger venue.

So we know that the event is no longer being held in the London Jewish Community Center. What we don't know yet is whether or not the London Jewish Federation is still a sponsor, and that is the real issue. Shaidle suggests that they are, and that the Federation's Executive Director Esther Marcus jccexec@ljf.on.ca is still point-person for the event.

So there you have it.


Ti-Guy said...

I hadn't noticed that the stoat had dropped by and given you the full-metal harridan.

Man, she's got a mouth on her. So common.

johnny maudlin said...

BCL: I used to comment on Kinsella's blog, but lately he has decided to censor me, or if you prefer, to exercise his proprietary rights and choose not to publish me.

My comments on the ongoing Shaidle file have been simply this-

Is this back and forth battle serving the greater good of a Liberal government replacing the current Conservative one?

I ask that without presuming a Liberal government would be an improvement. I've come to believe the so-called fight between the Shaidle-Levant and the Kinsella-Whomever camp serves only one objective; to increase traffic to the web pages of the principals by creating the appearance of conflict.

Fair? Or not?

bigcitylib said...


I can't speak for WK, but my opinion is that Shaidle is trying to convert her web notoriety into a position in the mainstream commentariat. But to do that, she needs to basically hide all the crap she's notorious for on line (thats built her audience in the 1st place). I am for preventing that from happening.

Also, WK don't need the traffic, and web traffic don't monetize anyhow. So I think his motives are probably different.

Ti-Guy said...

I thought all of this was simply to taunt a white supremacist raging mediocrity and furious nobody who can't sand anyone who has a real career?

bigcitylib said...

Oh well theres that too.

Anonymous said...

I just find this whole thing strange. First we have Ezra and Shaidle claiming that they will be speaking at the London Jewish Federation. No one has been able to find any such listing. Shaidle claims their website is not up to date yet when I went on to it there was a community calender with a number of meetings etc but no shaidle or Levant.

Then Shaidle tells us (after complaints clesarly were received by the London Jewish Federation) that it is no longer being held there since the response has been so great that there isnt enough room. She still inferred sponsorship though by the London Federation.

What's missing here? All the news and comment regarding this event comes from Shaidle not a word from the London Jewish Federation. Why?

Mitka said...

What's difficult to undersatnd Sue? Shaidle and Levant don't exactly have a stirling reputation when it comes to telling the truth. Need I remind you of the time Dr. Richard Moon castigated Levant on the front page of the National Post by claiming that Ezra makes things up?

It bears repeating:

From the National Post;

Prof. Moon targeted Ezra Levant in particular, whose blog is a clearinghouse for skepticism of human rights law, and who claimed the day before Prof. Moon's report was released that it had been "redacted by Jennifer Lynch," the chief commissioner of the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

"The claim was false," Prof. Moon told the all-party panel. "I was given complete independence, and when my report was released the following day and recommended the repeal of Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, the falsity of Levant's claim was obvious. He had just made it up. He thought he knew what I would say and he sought to discredit the report in advance by attacking me and the commission rather than the arguments I might make."

In an interview, Prof. Moon said he was initially "perplexed" by his invitation, given that his expertise is not with Ontario's Human Rights Code, nor the Tribunal that adjudicates complaints.

"Why invite me? It didn't make any sense," Prof. Moon said. He initially declined, but accepted after hearing Mr. Steyn, author of a controversial book excerpt that led to three human rights hate speech complaints against Maclean's magazine, would also appear. He said he also felt obliged to publicly rebut the claims of personal malfeasance by CHRC staff, of which he found no evidence in his own research, and which are often repeated by commentators who cite him admiringly as an authority.

The invitation "made me realize that there is serious interest, and maybe this smear campaign against the commissions generally has taken hold to some extent. Why else invite me?"


So there you have it. My guess is that the nice folks at the London Jewish Federation had no idea what they were getting themselves into. They took a pass but once you play in the mud with these people it sadly sticks.

johnny maudlin said...

Thanks for the response BCL.