Friday, March 06, 2009

For Liberals Disturbed By Iggy's Shift Right

I have just the graphic for you. From Here


Ti-Guy said...

Ha ha ha...That blog's hilarious. Reminds me of that Monty Python sketch:

"Mrs Jalin: How about the lamellibranchs?

Zorba: I'm coming to them ... the great scallop (holds one up) ... this tatty, scrofulous old rapist, is second in depravity only to the common clam. (holds up a clam) This latter is a fight whore, a harlot, a trollop, a cynical bed-hopping firm-breasted Rabelaisian bit of sea food that makes Fanny Hill look like a dead Pope... and finally among the lamellibranch bivalves, that most depraved of the whole sub-species - the whelk. The whelk is nothing but a homosexual of the worst kind. This gay boy of the gastropods, this queer crustacean, this mincing mollusc, this screaming, prancing, limp-wristed queen of the deep makes me sick."

Anonymous said...

Gotta give Iggy his kudos for standing up and dissing the racist hate mongering crowd who organized the Israel Apartheid Week.

Good on ya Iggy.

You're still a Liberal wanker, one of the entitled to my my entitlements crowd and you won't get my vote, but that was a ballsy move.

Ti-Guy said...

Shut up 'tard, you're ruining the post.

The Mound of Sound said...

Iggy hasn't shifted right. He's shifted the Liberal Party hard right to become CPC v.2.0. Fortunately in Canada even puffins get to vote for whatever candidate they find genuinely liberal, even if the Liberal candidate isn't.

If that numb-nutted eyebrow doesn't want to act as though being Liberal means something and yet he can convince enough of you to support him for the sake of reclaiming power, then I guess he's got a formula for success.

By the way have you noticed that the number of puffins is growing rapidly?

KC said...

I cant believe hes trying to help the Conservatives fast track Bill C-15 to ramp up the war on drugs with mandatory minimums for almost every non-possession related offences. Whatever little respect I might have had for the guy has flown out the window.