Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Local Free Speecher Living La Vida Loca

Here's local Free-Speech activist Richard Martin in the process of lobbying a fire-bomb, most probably at the "Russian Stuff and More" shop on Oakwood Avenue (Don't worry: the police and store owner have been notified.). Like many of the speechy elite, Mr. Martin is a member of Paul Fromm's "Canadian Free Speech Group" Facebook group.
Apparently, Mr. Martin is apparently Calgary bound. Going where its freest, I suppose. (See, Mr. Steyn, they do come out of their basements!)
And this vaguely reminds me of an episode in my own youth, when a couple of friends attempted to rob a pharmacy and brought a kodak along to record their exploits. Of course they fled in panic when the police arrived, leaving behind the camera and several pictures of them pouring pills over one anothers' heads. Kids are still stupid, I guess.
h/t AntiRacist Canada, who might actually have helped catch a crook.

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