Sunday, March 08, 2009

But Who Shall Maintain inhofe's List?

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Marc Morano has left the Senator's employ, off to start yet another AGW sceptics website. Good luck making that pay. The big question is, who will maintain that list of rock'n roll creationists, lunar condo salesmen, tv gardeners and boob grabbing weathermen that Inhofe calls "climate change dissenters"?


Ti-Guy said...

To think sleazy,propagandistic mafiosi like Morano are paid out the public purse.

Disgraceful. We should be focusing on these courtiers in our own government. I'd really like to get my hands on Kory Teneycke's e-mail list. Oh that's right; the important one is in the Conservative Party of Canada's separate information system.

Anonymous said...

Rumor is he's going to NOAA to take over spokesperson duties now that they have admitted that their GCM models don't work and we are, in fact, starting and extended 30year + global cooing period.

AT least he'll have equal opportunity with the taxpayer funded Believers like Mann & Hansen.

Ti-Guy said...

Rumor is...

I'm glad we have the well-connected Fretarded to keep us in loop.

Anonymous said...

Since you appear to be a charter member of the Global Warming Troofer Club, it is my duty to help with your loopiness.

Here's a hint . . . corner the market on long underwear and you can, just like Al Gore, make buckets of money off this whole global warming hysteria thingy. He's pretty much got the Carbon Credit Indulgence market locked up, but long underwear is wide open.

Ti-Guy said...

My money's going into soylent green start-ups and re-education cam..I mean resorts...for a demographic that we simply can no longer afford.