Monday, March 16, 2009

Campaign To Save Lit Mags

As I've written here, changes to the Canada Magazine Fund and Publishing Assistance Program threaten almost all of Canada's literary magazines. Specifically

...eligibility for funding could potentially be restricted to those magazines with an annual circulation above 5000. With notable exceptions, the circulation of virtually every Canadian literary and arts magazine, large and small, is below 5000.

...which means that large circulation magazines like Macleans and Flare would keep their funding, while publications like The Malahat Review might simply disappear. The Coalition to Keep Canadian Heritage Support for Literary and Arts Magazines has published a handy and very complete looking list of MP emails if you feel like dropping yours a line on the topic (or just want a complete looking list of MP emails).

As it turns out, one of the magazine's threatened, On Spec, was the place my first published short-story appeared.


penlan said...

Is this in the budget that just passed or is it a separate bill?

penlan said...

Never mind, just read your linked post & got my answer. Duh. Too early yet & still have sleep in my eyes & mind.

bigcitylib said...

Right now it is a verbal aside (not in text) in a speech about a fund the Tories claim to have launched.

Lori said...

Oddly, my ex-boyfriend who has been published but twice. Both times in On-Spec.