Tuesday, March 03, 2009

As The Anti-Kinsella Jihad Fades...

...the right turns its attention on a blogger even more obscure than Kinsella.

Apparently I'm not famous enough to have Iggy denounce me on the floor of the HOC. Currie et all ARE demanding however that Iggy's wife's hair dresser make a powerful statement from somewhere in the neighborhood of House cafeteria.

There goes my crack at a Senate seat.


Anonymous said...

BCL, these people can really never get it right. Here for example in Jay Currie's comments is the following statement by Mr. Currie himself:

"As it happens, the CIC gets angry and tells it santrapy, the CJC - which it essentially funds, to kick the Jackal’s ass out onto the street"

The CIC and the CJC are two different organizations within the Jewish communal structure. They have seperate budgets . The CIC does not fund the CJC. I know this because I have been a volunteer for many years with both the CIC and CJC as well as having served on numerous UJA committees.

If they are unable to get that one elemental issue correct all there other tales and schemes must also be closely scrutinized for accuracy.

bigcitylib said...

Yeah you mentioned that. Yet for Jay the whole CIC fired CJC member is a "data point".

Reality Bites said...

I'm curious about something here - what kind of organization would have anything to do with Shaidle and McMillan?

To me, that's the issue. Any organization - regardless of what I think of its main goals - that gets in bed with those two loses my support, irrevocably. (I wasn't actually a supporter of the CIC, but that's not my point.) Why would the CIC invite them anywhere? I really think that's the question that needs answering because that, not Kinsella's emails, is the action that is totally beyond the pale.

bigcitylib said...


I bet most of these guys just check out a wiki page (if there is one) and don't otherwise take much of a look.

Which is why I think the most important thing that could happen is the MSM writes something on Shaidle and her "controversial" views and then her various "controversial" quotes can go in her main wiki entry, according to wiki rules.

Note she's even had these quotes pulled from her discussion page. She knows a career killer when she sees one.

In any case, I think many of these Jewish community groups have a conundrum. Here is somebody absolutely pro-israel but with no other redeeming features. Whattya do?

Mark Richard Francis said...

From cat-fur-on-fire:

"In the exchange Warren Kinsella, Michael Ignatieff's "War-room chief" threatens to use his influence to denounce the CIC to the Liberal Party of Canada if the CIC does not accede to his brazen demands that Pro-Israel bloggers Kate MacMillan of smalldeadanimals and Kathy Shaidle of 5FeetOfFury, subjects of an on-going personal vendetta by Warren, be excluded from a CIC sponsored trip to Israel"

You see, when a couple of outright bigots are being courted because they are 'pro-Israel' it's wrong to try to do something about it. And I call them bigots with full knowledge of Canada's still-horrible libel laws.

Any organization making use of such people would not keep my support, and I would certainly work to diminish their influence.

I'm not a big fan of Kinsella, but his wielding influence in this case makes sense to me. Groups like the CIC needs to worry more about blowback, not just from Kinsella, but from the public at large. Though I am a friend of Israel, pro-Israel groups acknowledging and seeking support and contribution from certain quarters steers me away from supporting them.

As for arguments that this is somehow only a Liberal tactic... Oh please. The Cons have emerged as the dirtiest players the past few years.

Ti-Guy said...

Which is why I think the most important thing that could happen is the MSM writes something on Shaidle and her "controversial" views...

I can't imagine anyone wasting their time at this point. The "former lefty goes insane on 9/11/2001" is a story that's been done to death by now. Perhaps in a longer examination of the phenomenon of "raging mediocrity" might Shaidle merit some attention, but not more than a sentence, really.

Mitka said...

There was much twitter from the usual suspects about more statements and questions in the "House" today. Anything come of that or like this fraudulent email was it too nothing but hot air?

bigcitylib said...

Believe it or not, the CPoC mentioned WKs name in a news release about the newfie seal hunt


I have NO idea what they think the point of this is.

Mitka said...

The seal hunt??? These guys have some pretty short attention spans. I guess the trivial email that they tried to peddle about CJC and CIC had no traction (how many of us tried to tell them?) so now they are off to bigger and better things.