Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Conservative Writer Would Ban Halloween, Hoodys, Goalie Masks!

I had never heard of Dick Field of the Canada Free Press, but today he joined the wingy-dingy elite with a rant entitled "Hijabs, Veils, Burkas, Masks, Balaclavas, Hoodies Kirpans, Turbans, and Quebec’s Ethnic Cleansing":


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. That was a great read. It finally helped open my eyes. I've been so blinded by liberal ideology and rhetoric that I'd never actually THOUGHT about an issue until now. I've always just let my betters do my thinking for me. I actually read a conservative opinion piece! I didn't go blind, my dick didn't fall off, and no one was deported or sent to a concentration camp. All that fearmongering was just that, lies.

Will wonders never cease? I may have to rethink my whole membership in the LPC. I wonder what else they've lead me astray on?

Anonymous said...

I'm curious, bcl, any comment on the three Liberal MPs who attended a funeral to support a dead Tamil Tiger terrorist? Is this the type of immigrant population we want in Canada - terrorists in foreign lands seeking refuge in this 'great hotel' called Canada?

Ti-Guy said...

BCL, I hope your book has something to do with the demographic that is...how shall we say...under-exposed to information?

bigcitylib said...

Anon 5:31,

We got the Tigers, the Cons have the MQM. Our terrorists at least have the cooler sounding name.

The Mound of Sound said...

Canada Free Press - our answer to the John Birch Society.

Ti-Guy said...

The Cons also have the PMOI:

The PMOI is one of the names used by Mujahedin-e-Khalq, an Iranian rebel group put on Canada's official terror list in May 2005.

Jason Kenney is particularly enamoured by the ability of the men of this group to pull of a three-day beard in a way that works.

Anonymous said...

"...I'd never actually THOUGHT about an issue until now. I've always just let my betters do my thinking for me."
"I may have to rethink my whole membership in the LPC."

I can't believe it's taken you so long to discover the party of your intellectual peers - the Conservative Party.

Anonymous said...

Immigration agent at interview: "Would you ever consider voting Liberal?"

Potential immigrant: "Of course, if they pay me enough."

Immigration agent: "Have a nice flight back home."

Ti-Guy said...

Jesus, BCL...do you enjoy anonymous commenting on your blog? That last one at 7:41 sounded like he was typing that while retracting his penis from a heifer...


Anonymous said...

Oh gawd...

Get a look at this other gem Dick Field typed. And wouldn't you know it, Dick Field is one of Paul Fromm's buddies.

The question I have is... do these guys realize how nuts they sound or is this some kind of comic relief that isn't coming off?


"Human Rights Tribunals are Racist and an abomination and have no place in our once-free Society. [...]

Second, the judge presiding over these tribunals is just one person, not three as the word "tribunal" would suggest. Third, the judge is almost always a Visible Minority person or a Homosexual person while the person charged is always a member of the majority. As such, the judge is always in a conflict of interest situation. [...]

The majority of cases brought to the Tribunals have been cases of discrimination brought by visible minorities. It is therefore, largely, a one-way race-based anti-white mechanism. It is a racist behavioural tribunal which means that Canada has broken our fundamental law of equality before the law. How far has this implosion of our society gone? It is now against the Human Rights Act of Canada (and many Provincial HR Codes) to cause a minority group member to suffer "Mental Anguish" ("Hurt Feelings").

[...] Your "rights" now depend on the racial, colour, ethnic, sexual or other Group to which your country assigns you. Racist laws define Canada today. Apartheid Canadian-style reigns supreme!


Paul Fromm
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Re: Canada's Racist Laws -- The Destruction... of our Individual Freedoms

I know Dick Field. He's a real patriot.

This article helps expose our dispossession as the Canadian Majority and the installation of racist minority rule over us.

It's superb and well worth circulating.