Thursday, June 19, 2008

CRAP! Immensely CRAP!!

It is this kind of wretched, in fact beyond craptacular reporting by Associated Press (AP) and others that is liable to make ordinary people doubt any scientific claims, let alone controversial scientific claims about life-and-death topics such as Global Warming.

Oh my! And even barely plausible since, for totally different reasons, connections between global warming and increased earthquake activity have been postulated.
Except: who is Tom Chalko? Lets employ teh Googles.
I doubt it, but it sounds like it might be cool to watch. And if you follow the footnotes, you'll see that the T.J. Chalko's references lead to this, Dr. Chalkos' book "The Freedom of Choice", about which it has been written that:
For the first time in the history of humanity on Earth The Purpose of existence of the entire Universe has been expressed and proven explicitly in writing for everyone to understand. Incidentally, it coincides with the purpose of your OWN existence... Are you ready?
So far, CBS and MSNBC, plus many lesser news sites, have been conned. And, frankly, this is such a horrid display of newsmanship--publishing obvious bullshit because you were unwilling to do two minutes of research--that it deserves an official and hearty BigCityLib denunciation.



Dr.Dawg said...

Noice! :)

Mark Richard Francis said...

Just stop citing AP altogether, esp. with them doing this:

Saskboy said...

The AP and anyone who picked that up as serious need to go back to grade 8 science class.

Matt Annecharico said...

Well said. I wish more people looking into what they consume via the media and other "doctorial" sources.

toujoursdan said...

Ha.. they took it down. That was fast.

bigcitylib said...


Yeah, and there's a big fight over where the story originated. CBS says AP, AP says no.