Friday, July 08, 2011


Canadian Jews lose their sanest, most progressive voice:

Effective July 1st, the Canadian Jewish Congress is discontinuing its activities. Canadian Jewish advocacy will be handled by the Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy (CIJA). In the near future, the CIJA website will be overhauled and expanded to reflect the enlarged mandate.

Note that Canada's largest Jewish advocacy group now has "Israel" in its name.  A real pity that.

PS. Though sad, this news is not unexpected.


Meir Weinstein said...

It is a very positive step forward.

Brian from Toronto said...

Canadian Jewish Congress has always been responsible for Israel advocacy. No change here. And of course that's good, though of course the anti-israel crowd can't be expected to see it that way.

alfdamalf said...

If the extremist Meir Weinstein thinks this is a "positive step" then we know it is an utter disaster

Meir Weinstein said...

I am not at all an extremist. It seems to me that the extreme Socialists of today share the same hate for Jews and Israel with the National Socialists.

Brian from Toronto said...

Honest question:

Were you really not aware that Israel has always been a core concern of the CJC and of the Jewish community?

Anonymous said...

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